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Drawing journal

Drawing Journal

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The journal to date will be shown in Fringe Arts Bath
FaB 3 • 10 York Street
Saturday 25th May - Sunday 9th June
11 am - 6 pm daily

EVA project

Fairfield House

A sound portrait with animated drawings made during a six month residency for the EVA project at Aune Head Arts

PODCAST available from
Aune Head Arts

FABThe film will next be shown
Lower Borough Walls
Saturday 1 June 7.30 pm
This is a free event,
arrive early to ensure a seat

A trailer for the film is on Vimeo

Drawn Residency

Residency for Drawn 2013

Royal West of England Academy, Bristol
23 March - 29 May.

The residency will respond to the range of different drawing methods in the exhibition by making a collection of drawings created through interaction with visitors to the gallery. This collection will exist in two forms: a physical object in the gallery and a virtual version online. The form of both versions will directly reflect the content of the exhibition and be made in response to interaction with the public, the exhibiting artists & staff at the gallery.

Take part in the gallery every Friday during the exhibition or through the blog
Museum of useless artyfacts

A Museum of Useless Artyfacts

in Fringe Arts Bath
ojects & artworks FAB
accumulated by
Elizabeth Adeline
Belinda Durrant
Anne Morrison
Karen Wallis

with historical commentary
by Rose Osmond-Wallis

FaB 3 • 10 York Street
Saturday 25th May - Sunday 9th June
11 am - 6 pm daily